Challenge #3 – Clean the moldy tile grout

DSC_0019 2

I am getting tired of these ugly pictures I am putting up, so the first one today is just eye candy. It is of  an area of my bathroom that doesn’t have anything wrong with it. Sometimes you have to look at the good stuff to keep from obsessing over the problems.

Funny kid story: Yesterday my oldest daughter said to me, “Mom, if you keep cleaning like this our house is going to be freakishly clean.”

If only, child, if only…

So today we are cleaning that stubborn mold in our showers. There is nothing that makes you feel less clean than a moldy shower. We have a few spots in our shower like this. So today we got rid of them.DSC_0125

I purchased some bleach in a bottle and sprayed it on my trouble areas. I let that sit for an hour or so and when I came back – GONE!

DSC_0009 2

I did ruin one wash rag that was laying on the floor of the shower because I didn’t realize the bleach was going to go down the drain for some reason. But that is a small price for a clean shower.

So tell me how you are feeling so far. Share your pictures, successes, thoughts, massive or small failures. I would love to hear from you!

If you want to join me in this 30 day easy spring cleaning challenge where we thoroughly clean one thing each day in 30 minutes or less, please click on the follow my blog button on the right menu bar (or below) and you will receive a daily post with a new project.

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