Challenge #6 – Organize the Junk Drawer

DSC_0008 3   So here it is…the infamous junk drawer. We all have one.

I have three.

It’s the place we throw our knobby thing-a-ma-jigs, whats-its, plastic do-hickys and essential thing-a-ma-bobs. It’s where we save those things we find that “look like they might go to something important”. In fact, you are pretty sure that thing can’t be working anymore without this do-dad. This drawer is a safe-haven for old gum wrappers, empty bottles of Tic-Tacs, millions of twist ties, paper clips, push pins and the elusive safety pin. And every once in a while it needs a good purge.

Today we are going to dump it out, sort it out, clean it out and then put the important stuff back in.

DSC_0011 2

So I basically threw all the trash away that was junking up my junk drawer. It took me about 15 minutes to grab up all the scrapes of paper and put the pens in one compartment, the lip balm in another. Today wasn’t too bad.

Get after it girl…

And share your stories with me… I love to hear from you.

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