Challenge #10 – Stove


My stove is one of my best friends. I use it all. the. time.

And to be fair, it gets cleaned a lot because I am a messy cook and you just can’t leave sticky food laying around long. It just isn’t sanitary.

But today, I gave it a little extra care. Your stove is most likely different than mine, but the basic idea here is to get those tiny areas that we never touch in our every day or weekly cleaning. This is what I did:

1. I scrubbed the vent. Mine pops up in the back, but most are above the stove. I took some warm soapy water and went to town on it. I didn’t do a stellar job, but I made marked improvement.

2. I cleaned the crevice between my knobs and stove. I have a tiny break between the piece that holds my knobs and the stove. I grabbed some cotton swabs and dug it out. NICE. You may not have that, but I am sure you have something on your stove that gets the snub.

3. I cleaned out the gas port. Using a paper clip, I stuck it into the tiny port for the gas on each burner and twisted it for a second.  I read an article lately that said this was a good idea to do once a year. I haven’t noticed any problems with my gas ports, but I decided it couldn’t hurt.

That was all I did. The vent took the most time. I spent approximately 30 minutes on this job.

And thank you all for sharing your cleaning pitfalls and overlooked areas in your houses with me. I have truly enjoyed hearing from many of you how you are embracing this with me. I am honored to have you all joining me in this challenge and hope you receive some satisfaction with yourself and your house through it.

Let’s strive for improvement, not perfection, ladies.


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