Challenge #14 – The Hairy Stairs


I have a pair of hairy stairs that I need to deal with.

Let me explain.

Before we moved into our new home last summer we removed the carpet on the second floor and refinished the original hardwood floors underneath. Well, we didn’t do it, we had professionals do it. So one guy pulled up the carpet and refinished the floors. Then another guy came along and painted the baseboards and stair treads.


Somehow everyone missed the staples and carpet strands under the top stairs, even the painter who painted right over it all.

The floors and baseboards look fantastic, except for these two steps. And every time I climb the stairs (like 50 times a day) I nearly pee my pants from fright.

It’s a simple fix, but in the past 9 months I haven’t found the time to get some pliers and put an end to the freak show at the top of my stairs.

Until today. This was a big accomplishment for me. A real win, today was. It didn’t take long, maybe 15 minutes. I’m not totally sure – I had to do it in two parts because my little opportunists were climbing the kitchen counters to get into forbidden snacks while I was working.

So they look better, but now I have to get out the white paint and touch up the places where the carpet got the paint instead of the stair tread. Another day!

I am almost positive you don’t have a set of hairy stairs in your beautiful home, but I’m just as sure you’ve got something scary in your house you need to deal with. Don’t even tell us, just go fix it. You are going to feel like you are so awesome!


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