Challenge #15 – Upholstered Furniture

DSC_0006 - Version 2

Welcome to my office/sitting room. This room gets a lot of traffic. And this couch gets a lot of love. You can see that it is broken in nicely.

But mostly you probably see that it is white. And you are thinking, “doesn’t she have 5 kids?”

Yes, I do, but I really, really like white.

Before you go calling me ugly names, this sofa is slipcovered so I can take it off and wash it, but that is an all day experience, so I do that about once a year. In the interim I like to apply other, simpler solutions when absolutely necessary to keep it less than dingy.

So today we are going to do just that, easy upholstered furniture cleaning.


Most of the time my upholstered furniture collects dust, pom pom strands and boa feathers which are easy to get rid of with a swipe of the vacuum brush tool. And if you are feeling really lazy today you can even pull out the dust buster instead.


So grab your vacuums ladies, we are going to get busy!


Now, let’s take our time today, people, and even take the cushions off and suck up all the lost game pieces and polly pocket shoes.

This is going to be fun!

This took me the full 30 minutes today because I found out I have a lot of upholstered furniture.

I love to hear from you so let me know what you found as you vacuumed under your cushions.

If you want to join me in this 30 day easy spring cleaning challenge where we thoroughly clean one thing each day in 30 minutes or less, please click on the follow my blog button on the right menu bar (or below) and you will receive a daily post with a new project.

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