Challenge #20 – Refrigerator


The refrigerator. Oh, the fridge. There is so much we could do with the old icebox, right? It needs a lot of work.

At this moment, mine houses 4 gallons of milk (not quite a weeks worth for us), 4 tubs of honey vanilla greek yogurt, and lots of carrots and strawberries that were on sale this week at the grocery. There’s a lot more junk in there too, but who really cares.

It also has two dirty drawers, 4 sticky shelves and lots of expired dressings. I didn’t feel like tackling the whole thing because that would take more than 30 minutes and this week has been really busy for my family so I was looking for more of a 15 minute job. So I made a list and picked a few. Here’s my list, how about you do the same.

1. Clean out any old or expired food and organize what’s left.

2. Pull the drawers out and wash them

3. Take the food out and wipe off all the shelves.

4. Pull the fridge away from the wall and vacuum the coils in the back.

5. Clean out the freezer, food, racks and drawers.

6. Vacuum the front vent. This is located in the front at the very bottom next to the floor and collects all sorts of dust.

So, take your pick and get on it!


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One thought on “Challenge #20 – Refrigerator

  1. This is such a good idea! I would have never even thought to vacuum the front vent. We have a repair man coming soon to fix our fridge so I hope to clean the coils then.
    Thanks for the tips!


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