Challenge #21 – Trash Cans


The trash cans in our kitchen take a serious beating. We ask the kids to clear their dishes after every meal which is helpful in some regards and not so much in others.

They are all, even the three-year-old, expected to remove their plate from the table, scrape any uneaten food into the trash and then put their plate on the counter by the sink.

Do they do this?

Not usually, we are still working on that.

But somehow, the trash cans get food splattered all over them anyway. Maybe I’m the reason.

Either way, there is food, and I don’t know what, running down the door of our trash can drawer and sitting in the bottom of the cans.

I think it is nasty. I almost didn’t want to do this, because I was afraid I might throw up while I was working. But, I am really trying to hang on here for these last 9 days.

I told myself I would feel better when it was done; I would be proud of myself for sticking it out…

I was none of these things when I was done.


But I am glad I did it. It needed to be done. And now it is. And hopefully I won’t have to do it for another year.

Buck up little camper, you can do it! We have 9 days left!


If you want to join me in this 30 day easy spring cleaning challenge where we thoroughly clean one thing each day in 30 minutes or less, please click on the follow my blog button on the right menu bar (or below) and you will receive a daily post with a new project.

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