Challenge #22 – Shower Door



Our shower door usually has spot all over it. The guys who installed it told us to get a squeegee and run over it ‘real quick’ before we hop out of the shower each time.

Come on, I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to end my nice warm, relaxing shower with a freezing cold 2 minutes of clean up. Just so I don’t have spots? No way! I’m going to wrap myself in a nice fluffy warm towel and enjoy the peace and quiet. At that moment, who cares about the spots.

Later, I care about the spots. But they aren’t really harming anything and I don’t have the time to clean them off, so they just sit there, staring at me.


So, I am taking the time to get rid of them, at least for today! They will be back tomorrow but I will be warm and relaxed and clean so I won’t care.

All I did was take some warm soapy water wipe the doors with it. Then I rinsed them and used Windex and some paper towels to finish the job. It wasn’t hard, but some of the water spots were a bit stubborn.

Good luck with your spots! And if you choose to leave yours – no judgement! If I happen to see them, which I won’t, I will know that you enjoyed your relaxation!


If you want to join me in this 30 day easy spring cleaning challenge where we thoroughly clean one thing each day in 30 minutes or less, please click on the follow my blog button on the right menu bar (or below) and you will receive a daily post with a new project.

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