Challenge #24 – Door Knobs

Door handle

I like door knobs. Just like a room’s light fixtures I feel the home’s hardware is the jewelry adorning it.


I had the privilege of taking pictures of the Ohio Governor’s Residence a few years ago and shot lots of pictures of the architectural detail the home possesses. It was an experience I will not soon forget. The beauty, the detail, the history is astounding.

In just about every house I have ever lived in I have changed the door knobs to something I liked more – usually something with more detail and character. They are that important to me.

Now, when I select door knobs for my home I consider color, style and how well it is built. I want them to look good and work well. I don’t like flimsy, whimpy door knobs that feel cheep. So I may contemplate my door knob decision for a while (like months) to make sure I make the right selection.


It’s when I walk in the back door of my home and see this that I realize I wasted my time worrying about the doorknob that is supposed to be making my door look elegant, graceful and beautiful. It looks like nothing of the sort. My door knob is all wonky from someone yanking on it and the door and frame appear to have been ravaged by mud clad wolves. Somebody save me!

DSC_0020So today, I cleaned the door knobs and door frame to our back door. It’s better, but the handle is still all catawampus.

I will choose to revel in the improvement today. And thank the Lord that I have doors that keep the warm air in and door knobs that keep strangers out. That is beautiful.

I hope you will choose a project like this one today to make a small improvement that you can revel in. Nothing too exciting, we don’t want to over do it now!


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