Challenge #26 – Shower Head

Right after I got out of college I moved into a very inexpensive apartment in Irving Texas. It was a small one bedroom place and the best thing about it was that it was mine, all mine (except I was only renting it, so really it was all mine to just use for a while). One of the worst things about it was the water pressure. You could barely get the shampoo out of your hair. It sort of trickled out like a hose that someone had turned off on you.
Not good, not good.
I moved out just before my 6-month lease was up because I was lonely. I really wanted to live with people, not alone. So I moved into another dumpy apartment with my friend Gayle. After a long sweaty day of moving I was ready for a nice long shower. I remember getting in and then turning the water on, which I would never do today because who wants to be hit with freezing cold water. And then it hit me like water spewing from a fire hydrant. It nearly knocked me down! Seriously it was the most powerful shower I have been in to date. As I was rinsing my hair the water pressure was pushing my head down with great force. Heaven!
I realized what joy I could get out of the simplest thing that day. My apartment wasn’t fancy, big, in a good area of town, or even nice for that matter, but it had fantastic water pressure – and It was good.
I would like more of that perspective today. Look for the little things around you that bring you pleasure and not all of the things around you that don’t bring you pleasure, but in fact irritate , annoy, and bother you.
Sometimes it’s easy to fix things that will bring a smile to your face. Take he shower head for instance. By just cleaning it you can correct any jets that are spraying the wrong direction, rid it from mold and lime buildup, and even allow more water to flow through.
Here’s what I did.
Take a gallon size plastic Baggie, fill it worth part water and part white vinegar. Use a rubber band to noticed my shower head has some pinkish orange gunk on it around the rubber tips where the water comes out. It seemed a little gross to me at

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