Challenge #28 – Screens


I love to have the windows open when I can but I hate bugs in the house. So screens are a necessity. If I didn’t love the fresh air so much, I would remove all screens and never open the windows. That sounds sort of hermit-ish. It would be a much prettier view though. In our last house, I used to take the screens off during the winter and store them in the garage. But that is a pain.

Screens obstruct the view. That is what I don’t like about them. And when they get dirty, it’s even worse. But cleaning them seems like such a pain. And in full disclosure, I have never cleaned a screen in my life. Never. But the ones in this house need it badly, so I am going to do this!


Here is what I am going to do tomorrow when it is not raining here.

1. Take the screens down that I want to clean (because I only plan on cleaning the ones I have to and nothing more)

2. Take them outside to the driveway.

3. Use a hose to rinse them, soapy water and a soft brush to gently scrub them, and the hose to rinse them again.

4. Lay them out to dry.

5. Replace them

If you dare, take this one on yourself! If not, go get a wet rag and wipe something!

You can do it!

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