A Tribute to the Mother’s in my Life


When my husband asked me what I wanted to do for mother’s day I told him all I wanted to do was plant flowers in my window boxes.

I think I should have been a little more open to other ideas because this weekend’s forecast is calling for rain and more rain.

Oh, well, next weekend. At least this opened up my schedule for a bit more introspection of the meaning of Mother’s Day to me.


I often think about the women in my life who have been a significant influence on me as a mother, or as a person. There are a few that have come to mind lately as I reflect on my role as Mom and job as homemaker.

My mom is an obvious one. She gave me a strong foundation for my faith. She was instrumental in building my knowledge and understanding of the scriptures, but she also modeled a relationship with God in front of me and my entire family.

Amy M, mother of 2 and my college roommate, taught me how to be authentic and approachable. She is very generous, strong and thoughtful and I have a great deal respect for her as a mom. She has an amazing ability to relate to, and love others in a way they need to be loved. Even in college, people would come over just to talk to Amy. No one ever came over just to talk to me. I wondered why, so I watched her and asked her to show me how to do this better.

Meg S, mother of 5, taught me the joy of the drop by visit and how to be a mother in a larger family. I used to love it when she would just pop over for a quick visit or see what we were up to. I learned I could do the same to her and I was always met with a very warm welcome. She has a lot of kids close together in age like us and I learned that life is going to be crazy, imperfect, and that not only is it ok, it can be fun too. Her transparency and authenticity is refreshing and inviting.

Donna P, mother of 3 amazing, grown women with kids of their own, encourages me through the challenges of motherhood and gives me all sorts of great parenting advice. She is warm and nonjudgmental, thoughtful and very creative! She has given immeasurably to me and my family through the years! When we have a parenting decision to make, my husband and I often ask each other, “what would Donna do?”

We all need people who encourage, support and love us through this crazy life. If you don’t have a “board of directors” I encourage you to create one. Check back this week when I will talk more about creating your own personal board of directors.

Until then, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!





4 thoughts on “A Tribute to the Mother’s in my Life

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