Made From Scratch


The other day I made some brownies to take to a social gathering of sorts. I was really proud of my brownies, they were just the way I like them, gooey and extra chocolatey. I was hopeful people would really enjoy them too. My brownies never look perfect, but they taste really good – to me at least.

No sooner had I set them down when another woman, a ‘friend’ who had just brought in some way-too-healthy looking cookies, asked me if my brownies were homemade.

I said yes.

I have always thought that if you bake it yourself it is homemade. It isn’t store-made, right? I started out with ingredients (even if some had been put together for me in a box), added others from my kitchen and then I baked them in my oven. That makes it home-made.

Made, in my home.

This person, who knows me fairly well, and who is clearly better than me, said, “I didn’t know you baked from scratch (ouch), they aren’t from a box or something?

Well, yes I used a box, I thought to myself. Why would I make something from scratch when the stuff from the box tastes so much better and is so much easier? And who are you to judge me or my brownies? Don’t eat them if they aren’t good enough for you and leave it at that.


After all of that ran through my head I said, “Yes, I made them, at my home, FROM a box. I call that homemade.” And I walked away before she could reply, hurting me even deeper.

Things like this really wound me. What is it with people like this that they need to put me down? Are they better than me because they gathered all the ingredients from their kitchen, while I only gathered some? Does it make them taste better or worse? Does it make me lesser of a baker, cook or person?

NO, and I have news for any of you who stick your nose up at someone who makes their baked good from a box; ours tastes better than yours (most of the time).

But on the occasion that it doesn’t, I want you to know I still went through the trouble of putting my time and energy into making something to bring. That alone should warrant respect and thankfulness.


So, to all of us who make our baked goods from boxes: BE PROUD of your work and effort. Show up with your baked goods in hand and your head held high. You are amazing! You put some extra effort in and it is going to taste good.

And for all of us who have to run by the store and buy something store-made (who knows what they are going to say about us now), bring along a cute little plate you picked up at TJMaxx or HomeGoods and proudly display them right on that beauty. If anyone asks, say, “yes, they are store bought, and with the extra time I had on my hands, I got my nails done, see?”

So just know this: I will accept your boxed baked goods, or your store bought baked goods with open arms ANY DAY. I will just be glad for the tasty treat and your generosity.

And for the record, I like brownies and chocolate chip cookies 🙂



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