My struggle with email


Last week I sent my husband and daughter off to a soccer practice that had been canceled. Husband called me from the field after finding the coaches wife there who informed him they had sent an email earlier canceling said practice.

Due to some previous conversations about my lack of responsiveness with my cell phone, I was defensive and flustered that I hadn’t gotten the message. So I ran to my computer just to see when this email had come in. Ready to prove how ridiculous this was, I quickly found the email. It had come in two hours before the practice was scheduled to start.

Well, I laughed and thought there’s no way I should be expected to have read that email. From 4 to 6 I wasn’t checking my email because my kids had just gotten home from school, I was making snack, getting dinner ready and trying to get somebody out the door for soccer practice.

Come on, now.

I really thought it was insane that anyone would expect me to check my email during that timeframe and that often. And I told my husband as much.

So, when my husband told me no one else had shown up, I was curious. Why was that?

That night I went to dinner with some of my Bible study friends and I surveyed the group to see how many would have read the email during that timeframe. Still thinking it was absurd that anybody was going to say they would have.

Everybody said, with a very kind look on their face, they would most likely have read that email.

Well, Okay then. Humph.


My husband tells me I’m swimming upstream on this issue.

Maybe I am.

But I am not going to stand over my phone all day waiting for somebody to text or email me some piece of information that I may need in the next two hours. I’ll just show up and then turn around and go home. Who cares.

Does anyone agree with me?

My husband seems to think that nobody does agree with me; and based on my experience that night at dinner he might be right.

I have to sort this out, there has to be a happy medium here. Ideas?


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