Wooden Monogram Room Decor


I’m so excited these things are finally done! It took me WEEKS to: get the paint, find the time to paint them, realize I didn’t have the right kind of paint, get back to the store, find more time to paint, fend off little fingers that wanted to touch them while I was working, retouch them and finally get them on the wall.

Weeks I tell you.

When I was younger, without children, I would have had this done in a morning. ONE morning. But if I was younger, and without children, I wouldn’t need to make these, would I?

When you look at it that way – I will take the weeks-long-project any day.


I am accessory-challenged which means I’m not good at putting the finishing touches on a room. So I have to look long and hard for artwork and the detail-y things that make a room look designed. But when I saw something like this somewhere (which I couldn’t remember) I thought it would work really nice in the big girl’s room. So I went in search of them and found these on Etsy from Monogramsy Letters.  I bought the large ones for $30 each, unpainted. When they arrived, I was really pleased with the quality. They are about 1/2 inch thick and the workmanship is excellent.


I talked with the big girls about how they wanted to paint them and after we got past the tie-dye and unicorn-type ideas we settled on black with white poke dots. I have to admit, I felt like this idea was stretching my crafting abilities a bit. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get the polkadots to looks good. But my friend, Donna, told me about a special round sponge brush you can get at the craft store that helps make your dots look excellent. She is always right!



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