Before and After – Half Bath

Untitled-8When we bought this house there wasn’t much to do to it. The previous owners had done a beautiful job renovating and keeping it up. But there were a few things I wanted to change to fit our style better. The first was the half bath on the first floor. It’s the bathroom our guests use plus it is just off the entry way. Nothing like – hello bathroom!


This bathroom is TINY. I mean T-insy. It can’t be more than 4 feet by 5 feet. It is just big enough for you to turn around in. The only bathroom smaller than this one is the one on an airplane. But this one is big enough for a full size sink and potty. So it’s good.

The room had good bones. The tile is nice, the sink and potty were newer. The hardware was good – for now. The problem was it was dark and claustrophobic. The walls and ceiling were painted a dark, maroon red color. There was an old rod  iron mirror and a antique-ish, yellow light fixture that, no matter what kind of bulb you put in, cast a very yellow light.

Since there are no windows, and because of the size, I wanted to focus on making it feel larger and brighter.


We used Sherwin Williams “linen” for the walls and ceiling.


I found this mirror at TJ Maxx that I love. It fits perfectly – not overbearing, or so small you can barely see your face.


Then I searched my home for artwork. I have to admit accessorizing is hard for me. For some reason I have a really hard time finding art for the walls that I like. Nothing ever looks good to me. But I found this piece still in a box from our move.

DSC_0006 2

Finally, the show stopper had to be the light fixture. I purchased this from It gives a beautiful sparkle and shine to the room.

And that’s it, there wasn’t room for anything else.



One thought on “Before and After – Half Bath

  1. Looks awesome, Ann-Michel! Can’t wait to see it in person=:) When you’re all finished redecorating, you can help me figure out my style=:)


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