Kids In-App Purchase Trap


The other morning around 7:30 a.m. my husband received a phone call from our credit card company alerting us to some possible fraud going on with our account earlier that morning. The friendly account manager proceeded to go through the charges in question to make sure they weren’t in fact ours.

Nothing sounded familiar at all, and we were outraged! The total was over $200. How could this happen? Those criminals!

The diligent account manager continued to do some “checking” on those purchases and noticed they were all made through our iTunes account.

What? Say that again… Someone must have hacked our iTunes account too! What else?

He gently suggested we check to see if there was some fraudulent activity going on in our own home, under our own noses. “Do you have children in the home who might be making purchases in some games, maybe?”


We called the little man into the office for a convo. It was then that we fully understood what had happened.

See, he was playing this game early that morning and he needed a new weapon to fight off a new predator. So he had to get it – $7.50. Then he came across some gold coins that would really help him get further in the game and he decided he needed those – $107.00 which he bought twice because why not?

Now, he has no idea how much $100 is but the people who make these games do. I would really like to totally blame them and label them criminals, crooked, delinquents, villains, even jerks  but obviously I have a role in this too since I am the parent.

So I will take responsibility for this, and so will my son from this day forward.

And I thought I had been so careful with the “devices”. I had turned on the parental controls with the proper rating for my children’s ages. I had taken the internet off and YouTube off. I monitor their games on a regular basis to make sure it all looks on the up and up.

But I didn’t have the “in-app purchases not permitted” turned on. Oops, missed that one!

So now I know, now my children know, and now you know (although you probably already did) that you need that one checked too.

Oh, it’s fun to be a parent today, isn’t it?


One thought on “Kids In-App Purchase Trap

  1. Wow! That is terrible. I think that game is ridiculous. Who would purchase something in a game for over $100 on purpose? Thank you for the warning!


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