Kids Devotional Books We Like

I’m always looking for a good devotional book to read with the kids. I’ve bought a ton of them and left most on the shelf after a few lame reads. But I have found a few that we really like. I thought I would share the ones we have read over and over with you in case it’s helpful.

DSC_0053 2

The Big Picture Story Bible is fantastic. It isn’t just big pictures; it tells the big picture story of the Bible. Through it’s pictures and stories it shows how Jesus is woven throughout the new and old testament. It’s an overview of the Bible: telling the story of Jesus, why he had to come, how he came and what it did for us. It is really well done. The book comes with a CD where the author reads the book and children can follow along including bells to tell you when to turn the page.

The Jesus Storybook Bible is another book that comes (in one version) with a CD so you can follow along. This book tells lots of bible stories and is very well written. It doesn’t just cover the well known stories it also develops some of the disciples lives through stories. This is one we have read over and over and over.


Jesus Calling Bible Storybook is new to our collection. It tells a short Bible story and then gives a Jesus Calling type devotional based on the story. As with all of the Jesus Calling books it brings a beautiful personal application piece at the end pertinent to children’s life issues. We are reading through this in the evenings right now and the amount of time it takes to read one is just right for the smalls’ short attention span before bed.

This may also be a good opportunity to mention that there is a Jesus Calling for Kids available. It follows the same format as the adult version but the life applications are much more in line with things kids deal with. I also have the Jesus Calling for Kids app on my iPhone. Sometimes I read this to the kids in the morning during breakfast before sending them out for the wolves to devour.

Every Day a Blessing: A Year of God’s Love. This is a really interesting book. There is a devotional for every day of the year and each one presents a different blessing from God. They each start with a key verse then a short story from the passage and a quick question or statement of the blessing we can derive from the passage. My kids and I can always use a reminder of the ways God blesses us. This is another one I like to read at breakfast. It sends you off with something to think about and look for that day. It is also a quick read making it easy to squeeze it into even the busiest of mornings.



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