The Big Board Game


I saw this idea the other day that I thought It would be fun. It’s a life-sized board game.


It was so easy to do!

Here is what you need:

Sidewalk chaulk
A square box
Marker or white dots


Building the game:

I grabbed some sidewalk chalk and made a bunch of squares about 2 feet by 2 feet (give or take) in a nice path around the driveway. Then I wrote instructions in each square like: move forward 3, quack like a duck, do 10 jumping jacks, lose a turn, and included a start and finish square.

My oldest two helped build a “die” out of a fabric storage cube we use to store toys in. We used duck tape to put a top on and then cut out circles and used glue dots to affix them to the new die.



Each player rolls the life-sized die and moves forward the number of spaces shown on the die. Once they get to the new square they must do whatever the box tells them to do. If their space tells them to go forward or back, they do not have to do what the second space says, their turn is then over.

I really enjoyed making the game, and my kids said they had fun playing it although no one won because they all lost interest along the way. In the future I would not make it so long!

Play on!


4 thoughts on “The Big Board Game

  1. That is the best idea! My kiddos would deem me the most brilliant awesome mom ever if
    I did this, lol! Such a blessing to be surrounded by such creative people willing to share with everyone else. z
    Thank you! ~Blessings~


  2. Maybe to help keep their interest from waning have a place for a sweet treat, a chance to throw a water balloon, and so on. I’d play for a cookie! 😉


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