No more spilled milk in my home


Why, oh why, do they make big kid plastic cups with skinny bottoms that flare out at the top? Do they want my kids to spill their milk at every meal? The design is totally flawed, it’s designed to tip over.

Oh the humanity!

Hey, why not make a kids cup with a wider bottom? Does anyone want to get on that? Seriously, it doesn’t take a genius. I think “they” are in cahoots with the dairy farmers!

Wide bottom cups may not stack well, but they won’t spill easily either. What is more important with kids? I say NO SPILLING is more important. What do you think?


One day I realized glass cups aren’t made like this. Their bottoms are a wide as the tops and they aren’t so light a soft breeze could tip them over either.


So I switched. Yep, I let my little kids use glass cups. Oh my, what if they fall and break and they get shards of glass in them?

What are the chances? What are the odds?

So, I switched months ago and I have had maybe 2 spilled glasses of milk in that time and neither of the glasses broke in the spill. No one got shards of glass in their bodies. They just tipped over.

Before the switch we averaged at least one spill a day.

The glasses are heavier, making them harder to knock over and the bottoms are nice and wide so it’s harder for them to tip.


Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?

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