Live life to the fullest

There is so much hurt in each of us. Heavy burdens that we carry around with us for years and years. Bringing tears and shame, depression and destructive behaviors. Some are from things we have done, others from things that others did to us, but none the less, our burdens. 

Today I am struck by the utter heaviness of these personal burdens. And then I reflect on the cross and what Jesus did. Jesus knew all of eternities burdens. Every person, every sin, every hurt, all the consequences of each one of them too. And he took it all on himself that day. All that heaviness. 

It’s no wonder he begged for there to be any other way. And who would blame him? I can barely take on my own and a few others burdens – and not all at the same time either. That would break me. And yet, I think His greater fear was not taking on the heaviness of the burdens but the fact that His Father was going to turn His back on Him for a time. Oh if we had to add that piece to our shoulders. The rejection of our God, our father. We have no idea, right?

And here we sit with our heavy burdens weighing on us, bringing us down, bringing endless tears, depression, shame, and fear. But we don’t have to do that to ourselves because “It is finished”. That burden, those tears, lifted from us by Jesus. We can usually accept that the sin was paid for that day, but do we realize the burden of it was also? He took our pain and burdens onto his own shoulders that day. Not just the sin, but the burden of it too.

Thank you Jesus! Now help me to accept that and stop beating myself up over it. 

Because, “I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.”

Do you live life to the fullest or are you beating yourself up for the things you have done? Are you shouldering the shame and guilt of it all? Or do you allow Jesus’s death to be enough for you to let it go? He did it so you could live life to the fullest. Give Him what He came for. Accept it, thank Him, and go live life to the fullest!

2 thoughts on “Live life to the fullest

  1. I was searching for a single word that means beautiful and imperfect to create an art piece for my home when I came across your blog and then spent an hour diving in. I felt like your blog is something I could have written myself, aside from your artistic presentation, obvious organization and concise wordsmith to express complicated thoughts and feelings. You took the words right out of my head – and my heart. Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog.


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