Girly Rooms

Today I am going to share a little home tour of our girly rooms. These are from different years and houses along our journey.



Our first little girl room had a diamond pattern on the walls and an adorable chandelier. I painted the diamonds myself and repurposed the armoire with curtains.


Our second little girl room had stripes and a very pretty scallop painted by some painters I hired right after we moved in.




Our third little girl room has built-in character I just need time to make it special.




Weekend Inspiration – Guest Room

I purchased a burlap headboard for my guest room this week. I have no idea what I am going to do with that room, but this headboard was a good deal – and I liked it. So, I guess I am going to design a room around a burlap headboard.

After thinking about it, for like a day, and getting some ideas online I think I am going to challenge myself to design a nice comfy room with flea market finds. I know people do this all the time, and are very talented at it, but this is going to be a stretch for me. It’s not a stretch because I don’t like to save money, it’s a stretch because I don’t always have the time to hunt through thrift stores and the like. But, I’m going to try. Beware, this may take me a really long time.

Here are some of my inspiration photos:

guest room 1

I love the old windows.





I love these ruffled pillows. And framing your password for guests is kind of a cool idea. Plus that frame is beautiful!


Weekend Inspiration

I have been going back through some photos of the kids rooms in previous houses lately. Their rooms were so much cuter before. I guess I had more time back then. Now that we are in this house to stay for a long time, I want to make their rooms nice. So this weekend I am looking for inspiration for little girl’s (and medium girl’s) rooms that are shared. Have a look…Little-Girls-Bedroom-Designs-With-Pink-Curtain

I love those circles on the wall. Looks like they are just fabric in looms hung on the wall. How easy is that!


That lamp is cute with the bobbles on the bottom. I could do that! And I like the colored headboard idea.


Not sure I would actually do anything that is in this room, but I just think it is too stinkin’ cute to not pass along!


So much about this room I love. Color of the walls, light fixture, drapes, lampshades, pillows, artwork, bed frame. Seriously not typical, and so beautiful.


Those colors and fabrics are so sweet.


I am in love with striped walls right now. And poofs (see that pink one in there).


This picture is hard to really see, but I love that word “giggle” on the wall. Wouldn’t it be cool to do a collage of words like that above each girl’s bed but use words that describe her? I may have to try it.

Before and After – Half Bath

Untitled-8When we bought this house there wasn’t much to do to it. The previous owners had done a beautiful job renovating and keeping it up. But there were a few things I wanted to change to fit our style better. The first was the half bath on the first floor. It’s the bathroom our guests use plus it is just off the entry way. Nothing like – hello bathroom!


This bathroom is TINY. I mean T-insy. It can’t be more than 4 feet by 5 feet. It is just big enough for you to turn around in. The only bathroom smaller than this one is the one on an airplane. But this one is big enough for a full size sink and potty. So it’s good.

The room had good bones. The tile is nice, the sink and potty were newer. The hardware was good – for now. The problem was it was dark and claustrophobic. The walls and ceiling were painted a dark, maroon red color. There was an old rod  iron mirror and a antique-ish, yellow light fixture that, no matter what kind of bulb you put in, cast a very yellow light.

Since there are no windows, and because of the size, I wanted to focus on making it feel larger and brighter.


We used Sherwin Williams “linen” for the walls and ceiling.


I found this mirror at TJ Maxx that I love. It fits perfectly – not overbearing, or so small you can barely see your face.


Then I searched my home for artwork. I have to admit accessorizing is hard for me. For some reason I have a really hard time finding art for the walls that I like. Nothing ever looks good to me. But I found this piece still in a box from our move.

DSC_0006 2

Finally, the show stopper had to be the light fixture. I purchased this from It gives a beautiful sparkle and shine to the room.

And that’s it, there wasn’t room for anything else.



Wooden Monogram Room Decor


I’m so excited these things are finally done! It took me WEEKS to: get the paint, find the time to paint them, realize I didn’t have the right kind of paint, get back to the store, find more time to paint, fend off little fingers that wanted to touch them while I was working, retouch them and finally get them on the wall.

Weeks I tell you.

When I was younger, without children, I would have had this done in a morning. ONE morning. But if I was younger, and without children, I wouldn’t need to make these, would I?

When you look at it that way – I will take the weeks-long-project any day.


I am accessory-challenged which means I’m not good at putting the finishing touches on a room. So I have to look long and hard for artwork and the detail-y things that make a room look designed. But when I saw something like this somewhere (which I couldn’t remember) I thought it would work really nice in the big girl’s room. So I went in search of them and found these on Etsy from Monogramsy Letters.  I bought the large ones for $30 each, unpainted. When they arrived, I was really pleased with the quality. They are about 1/2 inch thick and the workmanship is excellent.


I talked with the big girls about how they wanted to paint them and after we got past the tie-dye and unicorn-type ideas we settled on black with white poke dots. I have to admit, I felt like this idea was stretching my crafting abilities a bit. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get the polkadots to looks good. But my friend, Donna, told me about a special round sponge brush you can get at the craft store that helps make your dots look excellent. She is always right!