Challenge #9 – Cabinet Hardware


This is not something that really shouts at you when you walk in the kitchen. Not like a sink full of dirty dishes or a greasy countertop does. But when you go to open the pantry or silverware drawer and there is an unknown crusty substance poking into your fingers, you usually make a mental note that next time you have a few minutes, you really should wipe that off. It doesn’t belong there.

But those few minutes it would take to wipe the hardware in your kitchen down with a rag and warm water never present themselves, do they?

Until today.

Do it. Make it happen. Today is your day. Get ‘er done.

When I did mine, I realized my fridge was the worst. Who knows what was on that thing! And the entire job took me less than 10 minutes.


I hope you are enjoying this 30 day challenge. Please leave me a comment with some of your stories. I would love to hear from you.