Challenge #17 – Lamp Shades


Lampshades seem to be one of the most overlooked dust traps in my home. It’s easy to overlook them because you usually only see the dust when you are up really close (and the light is off). And how often do you do that?

But when you do, do that, you realize how much stuff is stuck on those beautiful little things.

They are, however, the easiest things to clean. I cleaned my entire first floor in under 15 minutes. I didn’t get to the bedrooms because – I didn’t.  But I’m sure I could have done the entire house in less than 30 if I had done them.

All I used was my vacuum with brush tool attached and swept away. So easy.

I have read that people use hair dryers on a low cool setting for really delicate lampshades. But I wouldn’t have any of those in this house. Well I used to, but they were destroyed by some ankle biters years ago.

Let’s get going. Grab that vacuum and…vroom, vroom.


So, we are over halfway there! I hope you are making some progress, but most of all I hope you are gaining satisfaction with yourself and your home.

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