Challenge #29 – Washing Machine


I would blame this on my acute sense of smell, but since so many others have told me that their washing machine stinks too, I can’t rightfully claim any super smelling power this time. My washing machine smells musty and stinky.

Does yours smell too? Don’t lie.

Lucky for us, this is an easy fix. Took me 3 minutes today!

That’s just what we need right now, something easy. I have read all sorts of things about these front loaders and their stinky smells. You can clean them with vinegar, bleach, baking soda concoctions. But I like this:


This is all I used. One tablet in the machine and then set it on the hottest setting and let it run. Easy and done.

It gets rid of the smell for a while, but it always comes back. I also find that if I leave the door open in between loads it helps too. But from everything I have read I understand this is just an issue with these front loaders. Oh well.

One more day of this crap, and tomorrow is going to be a good one!



Challenge #19 – Laundry Room


This is my laundry room. Two of my best friends live here. We spend a lot of time together, laughing over silly jokes and crying over stained clothes.

While this is an area of the house that does a great deal of cleaning, it rarely gets cleaned well. I have a shelf over my dryer that holds the soaps and stain removers. Sometime, before we moved in, some laundry soap was spilled on it. So it looked like this before I cleaned it this week.


It looks great now. It did take a lot of water to eventually get all of that soap off, but I didn’t spend more than 30 minutes cleaning the room. Here’s what I did:

1. I cleaned the wire shelf with sponges and lots of trips to the sink to rinse.

2. I cleaned the soap drawer on my washer with a Clorox wipe to get the mildew and dirt out of it.

3. On the washer I also cleaned the inside rubber ring around the door. We all know that gets nasty.

4. On the dryer I cleaned the lent trap with a vacuum hose to get out the stuff that gets trapped in the hose. (This is something that I do a few times a year to prevent fires.)

I’m guessing your laundry room could use some special attention too!

If you are getting tired of this exercise, stay with me, we only have a few more days of this. We can make it to the end!

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