Princess Tea Party

I’m sharing another fun birthday party we threw for one of the girls. If you want my philosophy on birthday parties click here. I probably don’t have to, but I feel like I always need to add a disclosure on our parties.

Theme: Princess Tea Party for a 7-year-old.



Invitations: These are not actually ours, but they look very similar. We used shinny white paper and rolled them up with a pink bow. The inside was much more simple in our version, but the copy was similar, very formal and royal sounding.



DSC_0700 - Version 2



Decorations: We had so much fun with this one! Doorway curtains were made from pink plastic tablecloths. I hung them above the doorways and tied them back with bows creating a curtain affect. We created pink poms to hang from the ceiling out of tissue paper. These are easy to make, although tedious, and make a big statement. We hung tulle and put flowers on each chair. The place settings were personalized with name cards too.



Activities: Upon arrival we had nail painting, dressing up and they got to pick a ring and tierra to wear during the party. As a craft we decorated foam crowns with stick on jewels. We played a few “princess” games like learning to walk with a book on your head and “throw the marshmallows in a teacup”. 



The main event was the tea party. Each attendee was introduced into the royal tea room by our party butler, “Uncle Kevin”.  The curtain was pulled as he announced, “please welcome the lovely, princess #4…” and the little princess walked, ran or sashayed to their seat. Some with more vigor than others! Once seated they where  met by one of our servers to get their drink order. The food was then served on trays for each to choose their own preferences.


DSC_0716 - Version 2


Food: Tea sandwiches, cheese on toothpicks, crackers, mini muffins, and veggies.



Cake: The cake was so special. I could never have made this, by the way. I don’t believe it comes in a box. But our good friends made this cake for us. It came complete with dry ice to make it “steam”. AMAZING!



Goodie Bag: We created a candy bar for the girls to pick from including chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate covered pretzels and all the pink colored candy we could find at the store. Each girl was given a white bag and could go through the candy bar choosing what they would like to take home. We sent enough home for the whole family, no doubt!


So sweet! And just like all of our parties, none of this would have been possible without the help of our dear friends. We appreciate and love them so much for their love and support of ALL of us. THANK YOU ALL!




Olympics Birthday Party

Before I became a momma I was an event planner (among other things). I planned large conferences and incentive trips plus numerous small, not-so-much-fun-to-plan, events.

So, the one thing I really, really enjoy doing for my kids is planning their birthday parties.

Now, before I go on, I want you to know I don’t do these parties to be all showy and obnoxious-mom like. I do these because I have 5 kids and consequently their individual time with me is very limited. Planning a party for them is something I get to do with them – alone, and for them – alone. Plus I love it!

We have a blast planning their parties. We start about two months out coming up with a theme. Except for my son who is always planning his birthday party. Then we research games, activities, decorations and food. We create a Pinterest board and peruse the Oriental Trading Magazines. That’s all part of the planning stage.

Then we enter the creative stage – my favorite! This is where we make anything we need for the party. Loads. of. fun.

Finally, (and this is the part I usually do on my own so they can be surprised) I decorate. Now that I have thoroughly explained why I do this, let’s get to the fun and see our Olympics Birthday Party…


The invitations were made to look like the Olympics torch. Each invitation was made from gold craft paper that we rolled into a cone and stuffed, red, orange and yellow tissue paper in the top for the flames. The gold torch handle was held together with a personalized sticker. When the invitee pulled the tissue out there was a piece of paper inside with the party information.


We placed a welcome banner at the front door, a happy birthday banner near the table where they ate, and balloons throughout. Our colors were red, white, blue, green and yellow.

As each guest arrived they were handed a colored bandana that denoted their team and a water bottle with their name on it.

Opening Ceremony:
As the girls arrived they were escorted to the deck where we had some music to dance to and a drink and snack station. The snack station included granola bars, energy drinks and fruit. This was left for them to snack on and replenish their drinks during the games as well.

DSC_0601 - Version 2

Activities and Games:
We held individual and group competitions. Our individual competitions included: backbend, somersault and cartwheel. The Team competitions included: a team cheer, sack race, wheelbarrow race, three legged race and an obstacle course.


Closing Ceremony:
We concluded the games with an Olympic-style closing ceremony. We handed out team and individual medals (making sure everyone earned at least one). Since we had three teams we had a gold, silver and bronze overall team award. We had the girls stand in their teams and sing the National Anthem. Immediately after the anthem finished we capped the ceremony with some (small) fireworks.

DSC_0643Post Games Celebration:
After the closing ceremony we had pizza, cake and gifts!