Home Tour – The Patio

Our Patio is about to get a makeover. We want to put in a fireplace and new stone. There are some really wonderful aspects to our patio now, however, that I will miss. So here are some pictures of it now and next fall, you can see what we did with the place…DSC_0068 DSC_0005 2 DSC_0022 2 DSC_0020 DSC_0023

Weekend Favorites

I thought that on the weekends I might post some of the inspiration photos I am using for my next project(s)! Right now we are working on improving our back patio. We would like a fireplace to warm the space up and provide some ambiance. Hopefully these will inspire you too!

238409f2a99d2d1bc30e264a2832341cLove this huge table with fireplace. That would be an awesome-fun dinner, wouldn’t it?




img65oI’m loving this outdoor table from Pottery Barn. It has a zinc top, or you can get it in concrete. I’m wondering how either of those would weather? Anyone know?

Enjoy your weekend!